Rediscover The Fun In Baking

Why Charlie Cat™ Baking Molds

Charlie Cat is the world's first 3D cat-shaped dessert mold. Make dessert memorable, and bring the whole family together for a dessert experience unlike any other. Because we use only the finest food-grade silicone for our molds, your mind is the limit to what you can make with your Charlie Cat.

How It Works

Step 1: Fill It Up

Fill the silicone mold with your favorite batter or filling

Step 2: Let It Cook

Bake or let your creation set until perfection

Bake or let your creation set until perfection

Step 3: Bring It To Life

Decorate your Cat your way

Charlie Cat™ Molds Are Great For:

Cake  // Chocolate  // Jello // Candy // Ice  // Soap


Birthday Parties  // Animal Lovers // Arts and Crafts  //  Much more!

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